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Freezone Business setup in UAE

Each Emirate has a specialised autonomous jurisdiction region called a Free Zone, which is run by its own independent regulatory body called the Free Zone Authority (FZA). A Free Zone corporation may only do business inside the Free Zone and outside of the UAE, meaning that it is prohibited from conducting business anywhere else in the country.

Why choose free zone business set-up in UAE?

Operating a business inside a free zone in the United Arab Emirates, entrepreneurs are given the flexibility to repatriate their profits to their home country according to their choice. There is no need to remit any payment towards corporate taxes for a period of up to 50 years subsequent to the establishment of the company. The taxes imposed on imports and exports are also exempted making UAE suitable for establishing businesses.

Locations for Business Setup in UAE OFFSHORE


Setting up business in one of Dubai’s free zones is an ideal choice for growing businesses because of the 100% ownership allowed and the lenient visa requirements. If you need help analyzing the whole cost of setting up a business in Dubai’s free zones or just want more information about the licensing fee, Klay Consultants is here to help.

Abu Dhabi

Establishing a firm inside the free zones of Abu Dhabi has many advantages, including complete foreign ownership, tax benefits, and robust infrastructure. These factors together make it a very favourable option for entrepreneurs in need of a conducive and innovative environment for their ventures. Klay consultants provide a quick and efficient procedure for establishing a freezone company in Abu Dhabi.


With both free zone and non-free zone options, the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an appealing jurisdiction. RAKEZ’s low company establishment price in the UAE is a big selling point for investors and entrepreneurs. The RAS AL KHAIMAH Free Zone is distinctive in its commitment to environmental responsibility. This free zone has the only ISO 14001-certified environmental management system in the whole Middle East. This displays a dedication to environmentally friendly procedures, making it a desirable option for firms that place an emphasis on responsible and sustainable methods of operation.


To register a business in the United Arab Emirates, the free zones in Sharjah are a good option. Sharjah free zones offer an innovative environment for firms involved in international commerce, import, and export, as well as media and technology startups.