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Offshore Business setup in UAE

An offshore company is an entity that is incorporated and has its headquarters located in a foreign country or jurisdiction, typically for the purpose of taking advantage of certain legal, financial, or tax benefits. Offshore companies are established in one country but conduct their primary business or operations in another nation.

Why choose offshore business set-up in UAE?


zero obligation to disclose financials or shareholder information.

Asset protection

Offshore firms may provide a layer of security for your possessions and investments.

Exempt from conducting business in UAE

Companies based offshore are not obligated to have any operations inside the United Arab Emirates, even though they are based in UAE.

Multiple bank

Offshore corporations registered in the UAE may set up several bank accounts at UAE branches of both domestic and foreign banks.

Locations for Business Setup in UAE OFFSHORE


Dubai is one of the safest places to set up a firm internationally. Dubai’s offshore company registration service also doesn’t maintain a public registry of its business’s directors and stockholders. Klay Consultants can assist you in setting up an offshore corporation in Dubai In a short amount of time.

Jebel Ali

One of the world’s busiest and largest shipping ports, Jebel Ali Port in Dubai is a magnet for businesspeople looking to get into worldwide markets. Klay Consultants looks after your company both before and after it begins operating, therefore if you are searching for consultation, we bring you an extensive range of services.


When compared to other offshore business jurisdictions in the United Arab Emirates, the RAK Offshore Registry in the Ras Al-Khaimah free zone offers greater flexibility. There are no limitations on the sorts of offshore firms that may be established in the UAE, and foreign corporations are permitted to possess freehold property anywhere in the country. When establishing a Ras Al-Khaimah (RAK) offshore business, Klay Consultants is there to help you every step of the way. Get in touch with our experts to know more.


Establishing an offshore business in Ajman is the quickest and most affordable option in the United Arab Emirates. Companies that are not resident in the country are not eligible for business licenses. In this case, these businesses will simply get a certificate of formation. If you choose Klay Consultants, we will facilitate your company’s formation, government clearances, and bank account openings. We also provide comprehensive services that include both legal counsel and feasibility analyses.